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Six - Weeks

Six - Weeks

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This programme is designed for aspiring music producers who know the basics of using your chosen DAW but you just cannot get the tracks created.


Within six weeks you to be able to create your own track.


You will recieve one 2 one guidance and mentoring from Liam throughout the six weeks and by the end you will have created your own track from the comfort of your own home or studio.


This course will give you the skills and knowledge which you can adapt to making more music in the future.


I have limited the course to 10 people as i would like to be able to give everyone the required amount of guidance.


You will also be added to a private Telegram group where we can discuss and go over any issues people are struggling with and you will be able to contact me direct for one 2 one mentoring.


This is a unique experience which will completely  change your music production workflow.

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