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Studio Day

Studio Day

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Studio day covering all aspects of music production needed.


A day working in the studio will consist of getting your ideas and turning them into finished pieces of music. Whether you only have the ideas or if tyou even have part finished tracks we can work together and get them finished and ready for release.

Over the last decade i have worked with hundreds of artists who have now gained huge musical success in their target style of music.

Studio days can give you so much more than just making music also. The oppourtunity to work with an industry celebrated producer can speed up your music career and you can learn more in one day in the studio than you can learn in months watching tutorials.


Producing a track would consist of -


  • Idea and concept creation
  • Writing melodies and chords progressions
  • Drum programing
  • Arrangement and composition
  • In depth eq and dymanic processing practices
  • Fine tuneing and balancing a mixdown
  • Draft mastering for label ready music


Benefits of studio days at Liam Wilson Music


  • The opportunity to get a clear representation of your ideas into musical form
  • Work with an experienced industry recognised top level producer
  • Gain connections into the music industry network including top record labels and DJs
  • Learn music industry practices
  • Get supported by your favourite artists
  • See how ideas are turned to pieces of music
  • Chart success
  • Get music out fast
  • Increase your artist profile  
  • Gain event promoters attention
  • Speed up your career
  • Learn about engineering and concept creation
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